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The Breakdown Radio Show

Join Isaac Whitaker, Crystal Cross and Tesharah for The Breakdown Radio Show Live where we're bringing Today's Hottest Emerging Artist with Live Interviews and Powerful Life Stories. You can stream us on demand on SouldCloud at  

Join Us Weeknights @ 7:00pm CST  

Charging Station Radio #1 Favorite Artist

Shawny Wright-Davidson #1 Artist (14 Consecutive Weeks)


Shawny Wright-Davidson and Micheal A. Davidson with Charging Station Music has contemplated and mastered a sound of worship that ushers in the presence of God. Shawny's not only called and chosen but she's operating in her ordination through the ministry of song. She's a songwriter, worship leader, a minister and entrepreneur. But her pride and joy is being a wife and mother of two young wonderful children. Her music ministry has always been destined for Kingdom and in 2018 Shawny Wright Music/MAD Music LLC began the development process on the #1 Kingdom Album. First releasing the debut single "Smooth Ride" feat. Reggie Rocc that launched her into the category with some of Today's Hottest and Up and Coming Artist. Following that release she unveiled one of her best projects to date; "The Lord Will Provide" is a solo montage of acronyms formed into worship! This song displayed some of Shawny's best vocal talents and range taking every listener into an atmosphere of confidence and faithfulness. Now with her Latest Release "Mind Blown" feat. Bryan Lowe is already catching buzz on the airwaves and being echoed throughout the Gospel Music Industry. Her continued work ethic, dedication and heart for the Kingdom of God has kept Shawny evolving into the pure worshiper she's become Today. 

Follow Shawny on all social media. Available on all digital outlets and streaming platform. 


4th Annual Voices of Gospel Music Awards


Mobile Convention Center

1 South Water Street

Mobile, AL. 36601

Date: September 5th - 7th, 2019

VOGMA Annual Leadership Gathering

Date: September 5th, 2019

Time: 5:00pm EST

VOGMA Pre-Shows

Date: September 6th, 2019

Time: 6:00pm EST

VOGMA Annual Prayer Breakfast 

Date: September 7th

Time: 8:30am EST

VOGMA Award Show

Date: September 7th, 2019

Time: 5:00pm EST

visit us at

12th Annual Prayze Factor Awards


Riverside EpiCenter

135 Riverside Pkwy, 

Austell, GA. 30168

Date: September 19th - 22th, 2019

TIMA Annual Leadership Gathering

Date: September 19th, 2019

Time: 5:00pm EST

Annual Prayze Factor Pre-Shows

Date: September 20th, 2019

Time: 9:00am EST

TIMA Annual Prayze Breakfast

Date: September 21st, 2019

Time: 8:30am EST

12th Annual Prayze Factor Awards

Date: September 21st, 2019

Time: 5:00pm EST

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ILive Ministries Spartanburg, South Carolina


ILIVE Fellowship

254 Cedar Springs Road

Spartanburg, SC. 29302

Minister Micheal A, Davidson - Leader

ILIVE Sunday's

 3:00pm EST

Fellowship Tuesday's

Time: 6:30pm EST

Shawny Wright-Davidson - Leader

Worship Service Tuesday's

Time: 6:30pm EST

Tiesha Sharee Wood - Leader

Admin Intercessory Department

Time: 6:00pm EST

For More Information

Contact us at (864) 754-5689


visit us at

The Overload Magazine

The Summer Edition


What you Doing This SUMMER?? Well, here's what's happening in the Music and Radio World. It's Charging Station Radio Summer Edition 


Packed with musical content, articles of influence and your home for the Indie Artist bout that BUSINESS!!! Get your Summer Event, Showcase, Award Show, Concert, Entrepreneurship, Ministry Endeavors and Movements in this edition of the OVERLOAD MAGAZINE!!


If you've ordered your issue of The Overload in 2019 this will be the subscription you will receive. In addition to your purchase of your ad if you are an (ARTIST) your content (MP3, ISRC, UPC codes) will be added to the Charging Station Radio Database.
All Champion Edition's are put on hold for revision purpose.

It's Charging Station Radio Summer Edition of 
It's Charging Station Radio Summer Edition of THE OVERLOAD MAGAZINE:

Charging Station Network

Charging Station West


This Is Charging Station West!

Charging Station West is Las Vegas's Home for Gospel, Quartet Contemporary and Christian Hip Hop Music. Live Interviews with Powerful Life Story and Motivational Shows for your Every Day Commute! 

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Charging Station East


This Is Charging Station East!

 Charging Station East is Charleston's Home for Gospel, Quartet Contemporary and Christian Hip Hop Music. Live Interviews with Powerful Life Story and Motivational Shows for your Every Day Commute! 

Like Us, Follow Us and join the Movement!


Get connected with us on all of our social media platforms.

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Elite internet radio

It's Official.


Chicago, IL. (May 24th, 2019) Recently there's been a rise in internet radio station airplay and streams. Although internet radios been around since the late 90's none of the known stations joined a monitored system for airplay and streams other than tracking and monitoring royalties. But as the worldwide web became a new way for people to communicate and socialize it became more apparent that radio needed find its place in this new market. In 2013 internet radio was approached again about joining the nielsen BDS monitored system and with much prayer and guidance the process began. 

First there was only 3-4 stations for years, and those station's are SOAR Radio, G860 Radio, DAF Radio and New Praise Radio. Then there was Gospel Mix Radio and Charging Station Radio which made it 5 official stations. This affiliation of stations took notice by the internet radio gospel community and quickly added 2 more stations. KDOM and Grace Radio. Then on May 24th, 2019 Nielsen announced that it was adding a new panel to their Christian Charts. This announcement had other stations inquiring and with much advise by the now ELITE INTERNET RADIO (EIRA) Spokeperson Pastor Darin Freeman there's been 7 additional stations added to the now Nielsen BDS Internet Radio Gospel Panel. Those stations are Indie One Radio, GOD1 Radio, Gospel Grind Radio, NIA Radio, Lifed Gospel Radio, Faith Star and Synergy 1 Radio.

Now there's 15 official Nielsen Internet Radio Gospel Station's and we're looking forward to adding to that number and establishing a prestigious affiliation. EIRA has already developed a historic advisory broad with the likes of Henry Harris of Strategic Music Partnerships. He brings more than 30 Years of Experience in the radio and music industry and with his resources and development skills that have already benefited the affiliation. We're honored to have such individuals apart of this journey to radios new frontier. 

(Statements from Internet Radio Station Owner) Isaac Whitaker of The Charging Station "this is a new day in radio but, we still have many more hurdles in front of us to be recognized by Billboard. Until then, we'll continue raising the awareness and the accessibility of internet radio and all of its possibilities when it comes to the charting systems." 

There's a new way to listen to radio and that's internet radio. Stay in the know right here at The Charging Station Radio

Charging Station Radio is Houston's Home for Gospel, Quartet, Contemporary and Inspirational Hip Hop Music. Live Interviews with Powerful Life Story and Motivational Shows for your Every Day Commute! 




This package give the artist a wider range of opportunities for exposure and reach with a potential increase in digital downloads and engaged booking. The artist also get's their music added to our 24hr rotation.


For the entrepreneur  the organizations this network provides a wide range of products and services that will generate sales, expansion and exposure.


To the ministry this station is home for you to become a 24hr a day ministry reaching your members and more potential members abroad.


To the radio personality we offer an opportunity to partner with Charging Station Radio Network. 



With our promotional and advertising platform it puts Charging Station Network in a position to take your products or services to the masses and provide a analyzed demographic that will give you a satellite view of your reach. We also provide concepts to branding products and services in marketing and promotions.



There isn't another Broadcasting Communications Marketing and Advertising Platform on the face of planet, even in the stratosphere like Charging Station Network! We're determined to play the Hottest in Today's Music on our Radio Station Platform and with our On Demand addition this gives you the option to go beyond audio to a motion picture platform.

This is more than radio, it's more than music.

This is Charging Station Network!

Charging Station Network offers so much more! Send us a email to:




Charging Station Internal and Digital Solutions Institute is providing our interns and students Online Training Courses that geared to accommodate the busy life style with instructional material and curriculum that will enhance our educational experience. 

Learn how to maximize every opportunity the industry has to offer. We have created an environment where our thriving artist, inspired entrepreneur and bestselling author of tomorrow can get the skills they need to excel in today's market.


Enroll in our different classes:

  • media
  • marketing 
  • fundraising
  • servicing
  • charting 
  • programming
  • radio 
  • television
  • publishing
  • networking
  • financing
  • distribution
  • booking
  • tracking
  • social media
  • streaming
  • packaging
  • event planning
  • management
  • promotion
  • royalties
  • audition

Get the How To Guide on using social media to maximize your brand, your events, your outreach, your campaigns and your movements.

This is more than radio, it's more than music.

This is Charging Station Network!

Charging Station Network offers so much more! Send us a email to:

Charging Station Radio Charting system

A Monitored, Indicated and Reporting Systems

CSR Charting Systems: This charting system is monitored by the charging station tracking system and will be updated on Wednesday of every week after all systems have been calculated nationally and locally. 

Facebook Votes:  Votes are counted individually and each voter has unlimited votes. All 20 nominees have the opportunity to generate votes at their own paste but be advised, only the top 4 nominees with the most votes will advance to the second and final round. The first round in season 1-2 was held on Poll Maker.

  • First Round Voting CLICK HERE polls are open for 7 Days from Tuesday at 12:00 am to Tuesday 2:00 pm CST for each category. 
  • OPEN SEASON (OSP) During the Top 10 Favorite Season all nominees have the opportunity to campaign to get in that category. When your category open its polls is when you can generate votes, likes, fan points and followers on all your social media platforms.

Twitter Percentage: is a 24hr voting system that will be calculated on a percentage bases. Each vote will increase or decrease the percentage of the nominees and the total number of votes increase the value of the category.  The artist or group with the highest percentage of votes at the closing of the Polls will be name winner of the category.   

  • Final Round Voting on Twitter CLICK HERE polls are open for 24 hours from Tuesday at 2:00 pm to Wednesday 2:00 pm CST for each category.

Fan Points: are generated by activities on all social media platforms, digital outlets, follower base, support teams, campaign strategies, single release, EP release, LP release, compilations, features, lyrical videos, full-length videos, concerts, touring, award nominations, award wins and artist engagement.  This is a on going chart system even when the Top 10 Favorites concludes every season.

  • OFF SEASON (DSP) During the off season period all artist being tracked can fluctuation up and down the chart but those who advanced to the Top 10 are safe and can fluctuate in the Top 10. The #1 Favorite Artist is reserved at the Top Spot for the entirety of the off season and will be featured on the Front Cover of the Next Edition of The Overload Magazine.  All Artist, Groups and Bands who advance to the Top 10 receives 3 Months of Airplay on a BDS Monitored Station and serviced to over 150+ Stations.

National Rating: This charting system is under construction and will be updating more information soon. Get Ready for the Full CSR Charting System from our Top 10 Favorites to the Top 100. Thank you for participating in Season 5 Charging Station Top 10 Favorites. 

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