The Hydrate Houston Relief Fund

We have seen catastrophic flooding across the Houston area and across South Texas. The Hydrate (Hydrate the Homeless) is a Outreach Organization that has aiding the homeless and those who are in need of hydration for the past 5 Years. We have also taken the initiative to include the quality of water while providing informative information and resources to those in need.
Houston Relief Fund is to generate finances for those affected by this crisis (Hurricane Harvey) and those organizations associated to The Hydrate (HTH). Thank you for your kind contributions and assistance in raising the awareness and donations.
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Residents Are Affected City Wide

A photo of Houston residents in these weather conditions. We Live together We Thrive together. #Houston4Houstonians #TheHydrate #Harvey 

City Wide Alerts

Hurricane Harvey dumped trillions of gallons of water on cities, counties and states. This is a catastrophic storm leaving residents, businesses and homeless seeking shelter.

The Hydrate Houston Relief Fund

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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The Hydrate Phoenix 2018

Hydration is a Global Thirst

Through Hydrate the Homeless we have been able to collect and distribute over 65,000 bottles of water to our homeless in 4 major cities. We have also provided resources to those in need on a National level. 

The Hydrate Flint 2017

The Hydrate (HTH) has taken the responsibility to raise the awareness of the quality of water while providing hydration to the homeless and those in need. There is a global crisis when it comes to water and the resources for clean drinking water. The Hydrate is set to become the leading advocate for the quality of water.


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