About us

 In 2013 Charging Station launched its Outreach Campaign "Hydrate The Homeless" (Renamed) The Hydrate where we have collected through the generosity of our communities and partners and distributed over 500,000 bottles of water while serving with over 1,500 volunteers that's cultivated an effective outreach campaign that impacts 5 Major Cities and other domestic areas. 

Where have we been?

 In 2013-2014 Houston, TX. was the first city to host this event. (unofficial) Also the home of where we designed and developed this outreach campaign. 

  • Over 15,000 Connections
  • Gathering over 800 participates
  • Cooperated with 27 volunteers
  • Coordinated with 3 Organizers
  • Collected and Distributed over 1,300 bottles of water.
  • Served with 15 Shelters and Food Pantry's locally and nationally.

 In addition 

  • 2015 Chicago, IL. (unofficial)
  • 2016 Atlanta, GA. (unofficial)
  • 2017 Flint, MI. (unofficial)
  • 2018 Phoenix, AZ. (unofficial)
  • 2019 Atlanta, GA. (voted)
  • 2020 Houston, TX. (voted) 

Date: august 14th-16th, 2020. All data collected and reported by Charging Station.

News & Updates

The Declaration of National Emergency 

 We want to keep you informed about the concerns surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Hydration is very important at a time like this because our bodies are dealing with a certain level of stress and good hydration will help keep your b/p low and immune systems high. Make sure you tune in to your local News and follow all guidelines from your local officials. 

Continuing the Action

The Hydrate is proud to announce that we've become an annual outreach campaign. This means our operation in all 5 Major Cities will need more support. We know it's going to take whats got us here to move forward and that's the generosity from our communities, volunteers, partners, organizers, staff, local and national officials. Your contributions assist this campaign to continue serving our veteran's, our homeless and the rest of the American Public. 

Learn how to Participate

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Thank you for your donations.

The Hydrate 2017 Flint